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by Bruce Scofield

The people of ancient native America developed and evolved a system to extract maximum benefit from the rhythms of life. Aztec and Mayan spiritualists sensed, observed and measured the pulses of nature. The calendar mechanism that was created to synchronize natural events is one of the oldest and most accurate in existence. The count of our current cycle began five millenniums ago.

When Franciscan monks arrived to Aztec lands in the 16th century, they learned the native language and recorded the principles and practices of the population. From these 500-year-old documents, actual ancient Aztec codices (books) and research with living timekeepers in traditional Aztec-Mayan regions, the complicated meshing of time is delineated. Developed in isolation of Asia-Africa-Europe, this is original American Astrology based on the cycles of Venus

Considered a research authority on Native American Astrology, Bruce Scofield is a Kepler College faculty member, holds a masters degree in history, is a certified astrologer and a cultural archeologist. Through many years of focused research and analysis, he has compiled two of the most insightful, concise handling of the subject matter to date. He has written two books on the concepts and practical application of Native American Astrology:

                       1) Signs of Time: An Introduction to Mesoamerican Astrology

                                    2) Day Signs: Native American Astrology

Suitable for use as a textbook or handy reference work, they are filled with detailed information that will allow a person to understand the science behind the system. These two books are considered one of the most practical treatise of Native American Astrology. His work has been endorsed by traditional Mayan day-keepers. Mr. Scofield, an expert on ancient and contemporary historical astrologies from the different corners of Earth, has studied the cause and effect relationship of this mysterious practice throughout the ages.

Signs of the TimesSigns of Time is an indispensable addition to anyone’s library. It’s primary purpose is to acquaint the reader with the Native American system of astrological symbols and time cycles, which contains a richness, beauty and depth of meaning beyond anyone’s initial expectations.”
    Dr. Kenneth G. Negus, PhD
        Astrological Society of Princeton, NJ

Day Signs“Every so often a book of originality and penetrating intelligence appears on the astrological scene and marks the beginning of a fresh area of inquiry. Bruce Scofield’s Day-Signs is such a book. The author has reconstructed the astrology of the Aztec and Maya civilizations and, for the first time, made it pertinent to the modern world.”
    Dr. Anthony Louis, MD
      Psychiatrist and Author
        History & Practice of Astro-Divination

The style of these books is a little bit scientific.   They are designed for the reader that has some knowledge of Native America and the methods of science.  They do represent some very good work done in this area.   The reader gets to be involved in the investigation that opened the door.

According to native spiritual beliefs, a person's Tonalli(destiny) is determined by their starting point in time and space.  This time and place of birth is converted from the Julian calendar to the Mayan Long Count (3113BC) and then to the Aztec Sun Sign (similar to European Zodiac). One of the thirteen sacred Trecena and the Venus phase at birth is also derived. Taken together, these forces (of good and evil) form your core personality characteristics. This manifests itself as habits, tendencies and deep inner needs.  An intrinsic knowledge of this mechanism helps to restore balance, which cures a person from being at odds with themselves.

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SIGNS OF TIME;  5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 225 pages with notes, tables, index and  bibliography. Durable, laminated color cover.       ISBN:0-9628031-1-1;    1st Edition............$11.95 

DAY-SIGNS;  5 1/2" x 8 1/2",  225 pages with   notes,  tables,  index  and  bibliography.  Durable, laminated color cover.      ISBN:0-9628031-0-3;    1st Edition............$11.95

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