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  New Book Fully Explains AZTEC CALENDAR Aztec Calendar Handbook

"This is truly a monumental effort to reduce a vast and complicated history into a simple, clear explanation."

Dr. Randall C. Jimenez, a San Jose State University educator, and Richard B. Graeber, a mechanical engineer, have collaborated to bring the first Technical Manual for the Aztec Calendar ever produced. After twenty years of research and five years in development, the pre-release edition is now available through Historical Science Publishing, Santa Clara, CA. The book was created to address a lack of clear, concise information regarding this ancient native artifact and to correct inaccuracies as taught in history classes across the U.S. today. By using engineering documentation techniques, over 240 sources were compressed into a 100-page book, which includes 150 technical drawings, 230 word native glossary, timeline and a 12-page bibliography.

This unique book entitled Aztec Calendar Handbook, on the surface appears to be about the Sun Stone, but in reality is about of Native American history. Chapters include; the History of the Aztec Calendar, Native American Time-keeping, Keepers of Time, Founding of Tenochtitlan and the Legend of Quetzalcoatl. It is designed as an accessible authority on the Aztec Calendar and the people that had such a profound effect on the shaping of modern America.

To explain the Aztec annals and the assorted cultures that bind American Natives to this land, this handy guide uses the Aztec Calendar as the point of departure. [Note: The Aztec name was given to the Mechican Indians (ch as in chevron; sometimes spelled Mexican) by an English writer in the 19th century.] By putting together the missing pieces of the culture puzzle, this manual helps restore continuity to the concept of heritage.

The research for writing this historical summary was assisted by custom software to convert the Native calendar into our modern calendar dating system. In this way, researchers are able to convert and track the dates of events from surviving native history books, known as codices. Mountains of information could be processed more efficiently and accurately when correlating indigenous historical dates.

Inversely, a Julian date can also be converted into a Native calendar system date. It is then possible for the Mechicano calendar-labeling scheme to be transposed over the count to generate a person’s Aztec tonallo or spiritual name from their birth date. These are the Aztec names that many modern Chicanos are currently adopting.

According to Native tradition, our current long-count cycle will be complete in December 2012.  A long-count cycle, credited to the Olmec/Maya, is 5125 years and started in the year 3114BC.  No one is really sure what will happen when the cycle ends, or at least they aren’t talking.

Article ReprintRead the actual eyewitness reports (Native and European) that paint a very vivid picture of the untimely death of Anahuac (the Native name for the land) and subsequent birth of America. These accounts will remove any doubt as to what the ancient prophets were trying to convey, as well as the lesson that was gained at such an incredible cost. Some experts believe as many as 100 million human souls have been victims of genocide by the European invasion. This reality pales the Nazi Holocaust by a full magnitude.

By looking at myths, legends & history with an Aztec’s perception of God, this new Manual provides needed answers to many important questions.

This attractive book is made with parchment-like paper and has a leather-grained cover, resembling an ancient manuscript. Its appearance ascribes to the antiquity of the sources that were used to create it.


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