Largest Aztec Calendar Sculpture
3D Sculpture Replica

Striking and impressive are words to describe this incredible ancient Native American artifact.  This sculpture showcased here is the largest sized, 3-dimensional Aztec Calendar or Mexica Sun Stone replica commercially available.

For the first time ever, be able to purchase an accurately sculpted, one-third scale replica of the Aztec Sun Stone.  A perfect compliment to the Aztec Calendar Handbook, a 100 page operating manual, created by a university professor and a technical documentation specialist, specifically for this calendar.  Highly reviewed, learn how to read the Calendar.   

"They carved one stone with another.".
At four feet in diameter, this sculpture provides a sense of scale to the original Aztec Sun Stone housed in the National Museum of Mexico, Mexico City.  The original is twelve feet in diameter and weighs 25 tons.  The modern version weighs in at 12 lbs. and won't damage wall.  Water and weatherproof; suitable for indoors or out.

Available in Sage Green monotone, or with Black antiqueing.  Also, Dark Gray with Tan antiqueing.  Can be custom colored; surface takes to enamel, laquer and acrylic paints.

 Dramatic detail       Brazilian Topaz Eyes
Aztec Calendar Replica, Exact one-third scale, 3D sculpture of Tonal Machiotl. 48"(121cm) diameter, sage green. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Item: ACR48U -  $249.95

Learn the Aztec Calendar in 30 minutes or less.                     Largest 3D Replica Available!
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