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Aztec Calendar Handbook; Introduction


What follows is the description of a magical place. Do you know where it is?

Long ago there was an enchanted land where deer frolicked on rolling meadows with manicured flowerbeds under graceful willow trees. Birds of many sizes and bright plumage soared from the branches where squirrels played. All of the animals were tame. The climate was always mild. The sweet scent of flowers and varieties of ripe fruit hanging from carefully attended trees, perfumed the air. Butterflies filled the sky. Waterfalls and streams fed fountains and ponds with brightly colored fish. Handsome brick houses, smooth tile streets and dramatic carved temples of solid stone mingled with the sweeping vistas of lush beauty.

Devoutly religious, the people were humbled before the eyes of their spiritual powers. These god-fearing souls were governed by eight guiding commandments given to them by their Supreme Creature. Missionaries would go out and convert the unenlightened. They gave thanks for their bounty. Theft was unknown. True wealth was measured by a person's charity. The poor, the old, the crippled were provided for. Hospitals were available to everyone at no charge. Citizens were the model of cleanliness, bathing daily, sometimes twice. For leisure pleasures they read books, listened to musical orchestras or marveled at jugglers and acrobats. Birdmen soared above the heads of amazed spectators at the festivals.

Intellectuals and philosophers bested each other in poetry and natural sciences. The universities turned out architects, engineers, artists, sculptures, accountants, scribes as well as the finest of the breed to manage their grand cities. The Chief Spokesman was chosen, based on ability, by a council of experienced leaders. A full compliment of civil services kept the bustling metropolises running smoothly. A medical profession, far advanced in herbal medicine, tended to the needs of the population that had swelled to fifty million citizens.

At the markets, the quality and quantity of goods was so vast, to shop took days. Lumber, concrete, plaster, glass lenses, bronze bells, fine linen, emeralds, gold and jade could be purchased along with roast turkey, broiled swordfish, tomatoes, avocados, cigars, wine, hot chocolate or flavored ice.

The people lived and governed for the good of all. They were considerate of the Earth, most everything was recycled, and there was little waste. The well-constructed roads had rest stations for passerby's to relieve themselves. The bridges, dams and dwellings were built with precision and of definitive quality. They understood that the Sun was another star.

If you have not guessed by now, this is Aztec Mexico before being “discovered” by Europe.
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