1/3 Scale Aztec Calendar 3D Replica
Super-sized 48" Diameter
click on picture for larger view

Standard Sage Green 

Sage Green - Black Antiqueing 

Sage Green - Black - Gold Leaf

Standard Dark Brown 

Dark Brown - Earthen Tan 

Brown - Earthen - Silver Leaf 

Standard Gold

Gold - Black- Diamond

   Optional Gemstone Eyes   

Free Aztec Calendar Screen Saver
Aztec Calendar Screen Saver

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"Montezuma gave to Cortez, among many other vast treasures, a disk of gold that was the sun as large as a cartwheel and an equally large moon of silver. Cortez had them melted down into ingot."  

Bernal Diaz
eyewitness and author Conquest of Mexico, 1575 Madrid, Spain

A Golden Sun the size of a cartwheel.