Understand the
in 30 minutes (or less)!

There are numerous merchants who sell replicas of the Aztec Calendar, on plates, wall plaques, belt buckles,  jewelry, posters, etc.  But, where is the manual on how to read it?  What does it actually mean?

Introducing the Aztec Calendar Handbook.   A brief glance will allow you to know more in 30 minutes about the Stone of the Fifth Sun than the average person who might study from other sources for a lifetime. Created in multiple layers of complexity, when you have finished this handbook, you will understand what the Native American prophets were trying to convey.  Spiritual and timely, confusion becomes crystal clear. 

The Seeds of Greatness, the Seeds of Destruction
A great and proud, seemingly invincible nation, barely 200 years in existence, was cut down and enslaved in two short years. What went wrong?

Will you as an individual, as a citizen of a nation, let history repeat itself?  Discover the seeds of destruction that accompanied this spectacular rise from poverty of the Aztec nation.

Learn why the U.S. is in danger.  Identify the reality that casts a shadow on the spectacular rise of the United States.

Taking 52 years to complete, learn who was behind the construction of this 500 year old statement to the world and what motivated this monumental effort.

Aztec Calendar Handbook Contains:
- In depth analysis of each calendar element
- Over 150 illustrations simplifying complex concepts
- Time Line that focuses on what happened in the last 15,000 years

The product of twenty-five years research, this is a book that you will be proud to own and display.  Surprise family and friends by reading the Calendar to them.

Constructed of :

Click for Sample Pages- Rich, aged-finish parchment paper
- Transluscent cloud vellum page dividers
- Leather-grained cover, laminated  

Designed for maximum information
convenience, ancient scenes are re-
created, both verbally and visually. 
Even the way the book is made hints
of the antiquity that make up it's sources.

"This is truly a monumental effort to reduce a vast and complicated history into a simple, clear explanation.  …an authoritative introduction to the Aztec Calendar.  It is appropriate for children and adults."
Jeff Paul, Librarian
Chicano Studies Library, San Jose State University

"This is a study that anyone who claims any Native American ancestry must look at.  The presentation is outstanding."
Dr. Cecil Orozco, Historian, Author, Educator
University of California, Fresno

"For it's seemingly small size, your book contains more information on the Aztec Calendar than a dozen other books covering the same subject."
Professor Sam Rios, Ethnic Studies/Anthropolgy
Sacramento State University

"I've been studying the Calendar for years and read material from many sources, your book allowed me finally understand those other sources.  It changed my heart."

Bob Wright, President
Lab-Pro Scientific, Inc.

"Intriguing! This book is definitely on the right path. I like the way you have presented the evidence and allow the reader to form their own opinion."

Sonny Reyna, Elder and Counselor
San Juan Bautista American Indian Council

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