. Historical Science Publishing
Santa Clara, CA

   HISTORICAL SCIENCE PUBLISHING  publishes  and  offers  books  and
.crafts about and by Native Americans.  Founded in 1992, we  are  involved
   .in education and research.  To that end we offer this selection:

  BOOKS:Article Reprint

     The Aztec Calendar Handbook
                        by Randall Jimenez/Richard Graeber

     Native American Astrology
              by Bruce Scofield

     Chicano/a Studies Paradigms:
                    A Journal of Alternative Voices

                      by R.C. Jimenez/Marie Chin

     The Traveling Medicine Man Show
                      by Maria Chaviel

      Muchos Boleto Pero No Tren
                     by Randall C. Jimenez


     Arrowhead Jewelry

    Aztec Calendar Replicas


    Learn the Aztec Calendar

    Native Bow-making Class


    Christians in America Before Columbus                                        To: HSP